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Do not prune back the tip of this leader or.

Jul 14, Across from my winding pergola is a row of towering bald cypress, Taxodium distichum – a deciduous conifer. Though it’s native to swampy conditions, the bald cypress is also able to withstand dry, sunny weather and is hardy in USDA climate zones 5 through These trees do so well here at the farm, but they were in need of some good pruning.

Sep 21, Cut the leader close to the main trunk, being sure to cut even with the collar (swollen ridge).

Cuts larger than one-half inch 1.

Do not use tree-wound dressing on bald cypress trees. Cut small branches from the lower trunk with hand pruning shears. Cuts should be even and close to the collar of the main trunk. This encourages bald cypress trees to grow straight trunks. Bald-Cypress – Pruning, Winter Care and Fertilizing. These large conifer needs little pruning in general, but because it is deciduous the winter structure “look” is more important.

So crossing or poorly formed branches can be removed to promote a more regular structure. Sep 18, Bald­ cypress hardiness zones are listed as, and also There are reports of bald cypress growing in Minnesota and New York in zone 5 or colder. It can with­ stand substantial wind, ice, and snow with little or no damage.

For example, an allee of bald cypress was planted at Longwood Gardens before Apr 03, The rule when pruning cypress trees is to work slowly and gently. Proceed branch by branch to determine what cuts are necessary. Cut back each overly-long branch to a branch fork with a green shoot growing from it.

Trim the tips of the branches, taking off no more than one-third of the length at any given time. Trim cypress to shape in the late winter, when the tree is dormant. Jun 21, Trim cypress trees when they are not in active growth phases and avoid cutting their hardwood. Only the green shoots should be trimmed, and you can use hand pruners.