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Drain snaking auger-tree roots can be removed from a drain pipe with the use of a drain snake that has a rotating auger connected to the end of the cable.

The rotating auger slices the roots and opens up the drains to allow the water and waste to flow freely. Water jetting-another common method of removing tree roots from drain pipes is with the use of a high pressure. Main drain lines run from a residential or commercial property and connect to a city sewer line or a septic tank.

Your main sewer line in Nantucket, MA can become blocked by debris or by tree roots. Rooter-Man can use a power drain snake, or a high pressure water jet, to quickly clear and clean walls the of the main drain line. One of the most common solutions to clearing roots from a blocked drain is with high pressure flushers or root saws.

Keeping this done regularly is one of the best prevention methods for already existing trees. Making sure your sewer laterals are structurally sound at all times is a vital method of root penetration prevention.

If you believe your drains are blocked by tree roots, we can come to inspect your line. Using our safe and reliable hydro jetting method, we will clear your drain of all debris. Clear Drain Cleaning is a local owned company that specializes in residential and commercial drain, sewer and septic services such as electric drain cleaning and hydro jetting.

Our tools and methods are safe. 5 Ways to Prevent Tree Roots in Sewer Pipes 1. There’s no denying the natural attraction – The water and nutrients flowing through your pipes are the things tree roots crave.

Even a tiny crack or a loose joint can release vapors that attract roots like an aphrodisiac. You may have slow drains you clear out again and again, but the clog. Being in the pipe relining business, Nuflow gets lots of emails and calls from people asking how to clear tree roots from drain pipes.

In this article we share one of those emails as well as the advice and information we gave Rose about what can be done when these clever – but unwanted ‘vegetative visitors’ make their way into plumbing pipes. If you suspect that your drain could have tree roots or another solid object clogging the line, and you believe that the drain is in good physical condition, the best solution is usually to use a large drum auger (also called an electric sewer snake or rooter) with a root cutting blade to clear the line, or to hire a licensed plumber to do the job.

Important: a Clog Hog sewer jetter is not. Features. Safe for trees and shrubs. Prevents and clears root blocked drains. Penetrates straight through to the blocked area. Drain Clean Root Control will decompose roots in sewers with no detrimental effect to trees and shrubs. Several days are required to. Oct 23, Call Us With Questions.

If you suspect you have tree roots in your sewer system, or are experiencing any underslab plumbing problems, feel free to give us a call at Every home and every situation is different. And here at In-House Plumbing it is our goal to find the best solution to your problem.