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Apr 28, If the trunks are very thick, you may need a saw. Cut each branch back by 1/3 to 1/2. The lilac will grow back, but it'll take a season or two. If you discovered that your plant was grafted, be sure not to cut below the graft%(4). May 26, With a California lilac, it is ideal to dead head your tree, when you notice the old blooms wither and die. Removing them will help next year’s blooms appear vibrant and fresh.

This is most often done in late spring to early summer. Grasp the lilac bloom gently, where the flower just meets the stem.5/5(1).

You may think ” Oh, I will just get a new bush and start over.” But you can have a “new” bush from the ashes of the old one. It will rise like a Phoenix, for real. No, don’t burn it! My experience with cutting lilac way back is, they grow year 1, bloom year 2.

Don’t be discouraged if. You might need a sharp saw to cut them down. Remove the Old Wood: Remove the old wood every year. As the plant grows, the amount of wood increases.

The wood, if not removed, creates a visible hole in the center of the lilac bush. Allow the new shoots to cover this hole, and replace the old wood. Nov 27, When it comes to lilacs, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

If a lilac bush has become extremely overgrown, plan on cutting back the plant over a period of three years. Each year after the flowers have bloomed and died, prune one-third of.

Cut off all of the lilac bush's branches that are broken or show obvious signs of disease. They are more likely to cause problems than to produce a lot of flowers. One must cut lilac back after bloom or pick all the blooms with long stems on them leaving some buds for new growth in order to create more blooming wood for the following year.

“Prune after bloom never before” is the rule with lilac.